Singapore Property Agent Email List

If you are a real estate agent having a Singapore property agent email database to use, you have a really strong advantage and potential to reach out to highly targetted audience members; cobroke agents.

As an agent, and a business operator, you will know the true importance of having an updated and active email list for your marketing. This list should be highly targetted, such as this one provided by, and not random emails of recipients that might not be in your targetted segment at all.

How are these kinds of databases usually created?

Databases are created when a person or party enters their details and information into a system. This could be through their real estate agency upon the registration of their license, or creating an account on a property portal, such as

A database provider has the right knowledge as to who to approach and how to source when it comes to the gathering of information. An example would be during a real estate seminar for agents, business cards can be collected, and used to build up the databases by these database providers. These database providers could also have a close working relationship with event organisers, where they may be willing to share the information of their guests at a price.

What are the benefits of using a property agent email list?

For an agent to be recognised in his or her industry, they need to be diligently building their own brand, and getting themselves recognition in their own specialty. Email marketing to cobroke agents not only provides a point of contact, but also informational value in a market specialty, such as available homes for sale in a targetted geographical area, or market updates in a specific real estate segment. For this purpose, it is therefore very necessary to have a strong email list that the agent can rely on.

How to use the email list?

You firstly need to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within your specialty in the industry in your emails. By giving valuable knowledge to your recipients, not only will they start to trust you and your opinions, they will also be looking forward to future emails from you, and maybe eventually have the chance to work together with you on a deal.

How often should I send emails to my database?

You do not want to come across as the person who sends too many emails until it becomes a nuisance, as this usually leads your email address to be blocked or marked. You also do not want to send too little emails, that your recipients do not remember who you are. A weekly update email is a good way to start. However, if you are too busy, you could also start off with one well written email a month, or hire someone to write these emails for you.

How to choose a database provider?

Some databases are really expensive. They could be well worth the money, or there could be another database provider providing the same information to you at a fraction of the price. The best way to go about with finding the right provider is to do a search and compare the prices and what they offer for yourself. Some databases are really cheap, but may not offer all the information that you need. Be sure to carefully list down what each database provider can offer you, and pick the one that provides the most value.


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